Courses for professionals

These courses are for professional people who need to improve the Italian language for their work, developing their knowledge of general language and studying the specialized language of their business field.

 Tailor-Made Individual (1-to-one) or SEMI-INDIVIDUAL (2/3/4 – to-one) LESSONS are offered with a personalized didactic program held by high qualified Italian teachers trained in all business fields: trading, administration, law, medicine, banking, diplomacy, HR, military, airline, etc.These courses are available for a minimum of 1 week/20-30 lessons and more

Students can start on any Monday. A detailed questionnaire ensures that the program is fully tailor-made to meet the professional 's individual requirement.

We offer different options of accommodation: host-families in Salerno, or accommodation in 4/5 star hotels in Salerno or the Amalfi Coast at very special rates.

Course Description:
20 or 30 individual (1-to-1) or semi-individual lessons (2/4 –to-1) minimum 1 week from Monday to Friday, 4-6 lessons a day (45 minutes each lesson)

Course Length: minimum 1 week / 20-30 lessons



Description  Duration Costo 20 lessons 
a week
Cost 30 lessons 
a week

Individual (1-1)

1 week

Eur 700

Eur 1050

Semi-Individual  (2-1)

1 week

Eur 560

Eur 840

Semi-Individual (3-1)

1 week

Eur 480

Eur 720
Semi-Individual (4-1) 1 week Eur 360  Eur 540

Enrolment fee: Eur 80 valid 12 months

Dates: Every Monday

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